The Black Student's Guide to SuccessEveryone, young and old, should have a copy of The Black Student’s Guide to Success in their collection. In it you will find chapters such as:

  • The Importance of Knowledge
  • Success is not an Accident
  • What is Wealth and Are You Wealthy
  • Proper Environment for Success

In these chapters, as well as others, Dr. Claybrooks attempts to encourage, motivate, and give a formula to put God’s people on the path to success, and achieving their goals. Dr. Claybrooks grew up in the inner city of Detroit and overcame many obstacles that plague our community. He now attempts to reach back and help others also overcome. The word student has been used in the title of the book to emphasize the point that we should be in a learning mode at all times.

Do not assume that student is only for kids. This book is for anyone that wants more out of life. Successful people are lifelong learners. They never stop being students.

The keys and strategies to success are just a page away, in The Black Student’s Guide to Success. Order your copy today.


Dr. Roderick Claybrooks